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I saw MSI play last night... at the Roundhouse...

And fuck me was that fun! 

I was in front of our girl Lyn-Z... we blew kisses at each other, and when I got Kitty's attention, I did the same with her... that was, um, amusing for me, lol. Steve had a cigarette and I mimed eating it... so he did, which was fucking disgusting, I gotta say it... um, my mate and I threw her jacket onstage and Jimmy put it on at one point because he wanted to be a 'pretty princess'... (he said it, not me) He seemed to have a lot of hate for Ashlee Simpson last night as well, as she popped up in many of his jokes. Also, we apparently have made him an alcoholic... s'what he said, lmao. Lying idiot. Love him dearly. Mind you, he also insulted us heavily, calling us things along the lines of disgusting, etc, but he amended that one... instead we are 'alternative'... :P

Fucking awesome gig, however you look at it... type in on youtube 'MSI Roundhouse' and see what you get. Damn, every time I see them I love the weird-ass beautiful fucking darlings a little more.

I'm sure you guys get it right? Other people don't get why I love them, especially live...
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