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mindlesS selF indulgencE's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
mindlesS selF indulgencE

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MSI Updates [07 Apr 2011|03:09pm]

Hey everyone,  I haven't posted here in a while. So I assume that everyone has heard about the re-release of Tight. For those who haven't, it is called "Tighter" and comes with a bonus DVD of live footage (and more) from that era of the band's career. It is also coming out on double gatefold vinyl. There are a few contests running around the release with more to come. You can get all of that info from the band's new tumblr which can be found at: http://mindlessselfindulgence.tumblr.com/

I will do my best to keep this place updated but hopefully you are keeping tabs on Facebook & Twitter as well. We will be running contests on Twitter and tumblr in the coming week.

Do me a favor and drop a comment if you saw this post?
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44 icons [21 Mar 2011|05:05pm]

Dead comm is dead, but I don't want these icons to go to waste. 'Cause it's not like I'm going to use all of them.

Over here at my journal.
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[08 Dec 2010|11:46pm]

This place is kinda dead, but if any of you are on tumblr, perhaps you'd like to follow my msi blog?


/shameless plug
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[22 Oct 2008|10:07pm]


(mess me up beyond all recognition / for what it's worth, I'd do it again)
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IF [01 Oct 2008|04:00am]

[ mood | bored ]

So what do you guys think of IF? Favorite song?

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I have underwear and more [19 Sep 2008|05:22pm]

I thought this might be of interest to some of the people here:

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Bizarre [27 Jul 2008|01:20am]

Anyone else ever visit MindlessSelfIndulgence.org before? I was looking for the Self Titled album and I came across it. Seems to have a bunch of other MSI stuff too. Weeeeeird.
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30 Mindless Self Indulgence Icons [25 Jul 2008|08:57pm]

30 Mindless Self Indulgence Icons HERE
-[01-02] Whole Band
-[03-05] Little Jimmy Urine
-[06-24] Lyn-Z
-[25-28] Kitty
-[29-30] Steve, Righ?

1 2 3
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[21 Jul 2008|06:20pm]
I think I've posted here as high_school_low, this is my graphics journal, feel free to add it!


1 2 3 4 5


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I saw MSI play last night... at the Roundhouse... [12 Jul 2008|11:40pm]


And fuck me was that fun! 

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[11 Jul 2008|05:34pm]
28 Mindless Self Indulgence Icons
Mostly Jimmy Urine

(Follow the fake cut)

(If this isn't allowed, sorry. I'll delete it)
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Help us out! [10 Jul 2008|08:26pm]

Please help out a local punk band so we DON'T lose to cover bands!! Just click here, NO SIGNUP, JUST A CLICK! Thanks guys and gals.
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I NEED A HAND PEOPLE! [09 Jul 2008|10:55pm]

I'm looking for a picture of Jimmy with his 'NO ONE IS SAFE' jacket on. I can't find any of them fucking anywhere, and I need one where you can read the writing please!!!

Appreciate the help if you can give it! Post it or gimme a link, either is good!!!
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New community [09 Jun 2008|10:49pm]

[ mood | moody ]

For actual news and updates on MSI

msifans msifans msifans msifans
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New interview with Jimmy [26 May 2008|08:50pm]
I recently did an interview with Jimmy, check it out here!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Check out myspace.com/dsiremusic for more interviews!
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[18 Apr 2008|10:09am]

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MSI on LiveDaily [14 Apr 2008|04:48pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Mindless Self Indulgence ready to rock America
April 14, 2008 06:04 AM
By Kym Kilgore
LiveDaily Contributor

Electro-metal rockers Mindless Self Indulgence [ tickets ] are in the midst of a world tour to support their forthcoming album, "If," and they'll kick off the North American leg later this month.
The New York-based band has already trekked though Australia, New Zealand and Japan this year, and is currently in Europe. The group is set to launch US and Canadian dates April 29 in Cleveland, OH, and visit clubs and theaters from coast to coast through June. The co-ed act will also appear at the May 3 Bamboozle festival in East Rutherford, NJ.

Special guest The Birthday Massacre will join MSI on the road, and a variety of other bands will open. North American dates are listed below and those overseas can be found at MSI's website, along with details about which bands appear on each date.

MSI's new single, "Never Wanted to Dance," is currently holding steady at the top of Billboard's Hot Singles Sales Chart. The song is off the new album, "If," which is expected to hit stores April 29. The set will be released in three different formats: standard and deluxe versions, and a double-vinyl version. Fans can preview another new track, "Mastermind," at MSI's MySpace page.

"If" follows 2005's "You'll Rebel to Anything," which broke into The Billboard 200 and snagged the No. 1 spot on the magazine's Top Heatseekers chart. Last summer, Mindless Self Indulgence also put out its first DVD, "Our Pain, Your Gain," which captures a three-night performance at New York City's Webster Hall.

[Note: The following tour dates have been provided by artist and/or tour sources, who verify its accuracy as of the publication time of this story. Changes may occur before tickets go on sale. Check with official artist websites, ticketing sources and venues for late updates.]

April 2008
29 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom
30 - Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre

May 2008
1 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live!
2 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
3 - East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands Complex/Bamboozle
4 - Norfolk, VA - The NorVa
6 - Jacksonville, FL - Freebird Live
7 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
8 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
9 - Orlando, FL - The Club at Firestone
10 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
12 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
13 - Houston, TX - Meridian
14 - Dallas, TX - The Palladium Ballroom
15 - San Antonio, TX - Scout Bar
16 - Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa
21 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre
23 - San Francisco, CA - The Grand Ballroom
24 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern
25 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
29 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
30 - Seattle, WA - Showbox SoDo
31 - Spokane, WA - Big Easy Concert House

June 2008
1 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Croatian Cultural Centre
3 - Edmonton, Alberta - Starlite Room
4 - Calgary, Alberta - The Warehouse
6 - Salt Lake City, UT - Avalon Theater
7 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
8 - Omaha , NE - Sokol Auditorium
9 - Kansas City, MO - Beaumont Club
10 - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion
12 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
13 - Chicago, IL - Congress Theatre
14 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
15 - Milwaukee, WI - The Eagles Club
18 - Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall
20 - Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room
22 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
23 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts

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[04 Dec 2007|10:41am]
Selling a bunch of great MSI stuff here!

Make sure to give it a look.
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[18 Nov 2007|07:35pm]

I was just wondering what Lyn-Z's nationality is. Her last name has been bugging me for quite some time now, trying to think where it could have come from.

Thanks for any help. Or no help. Whichever.
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Selling some MSI merch. [16 Nov 2007|06:42pm]
Hi guys, just letting everyone know that i'm selling some of my MSI merch via Ebay.

1.Despierta Los Ninos with FGWSSS promo stickers.

2.Remix CDs: Bitches/Molly Remixes, Shut Me Up Remixes + 3, Straight To Video Remixes

3.You'll Rebel To Anything: VINYL

Make sure to check it out!
I'll be putting up more stuff within the coming weeks. :]
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